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Times A Wasting

Have you ever been so enraptured in something that you never look up to take a glance at what’s happening now? Ever have that moment when everything seems to move at lightning speed? You think to yourself, “wait, I just looked up and the time said….” If so, that was the moment in time that you realized it’s gone…in quick speed… without so much of a hi/bye in its passing. In that moment, do you think your time was used wisely? Did you accomplish all that you set out to do in this time frame. If not, who/what’s wasting? You or your time? I know we all have great intent to “be all that we can be” but when “being” is not enough what do you do?

Here I am on the eve before the eve of my return to work and I have yet to execute the plan that I devised to take over the world. Yes, my wish to divide and conquer like “Pinky and the Brain” is in heavy rotation in my mind, but to render myself supreme has yet to happen.


I have had exactly eight full weeks to “be all that I can be” (in the ARRRRRMY!!),


but my follow through was nonexistent.  Partly due to change and my fear of unstable ground. If I shared with you all how many times that I have pushed play and rewinded this “potential” misstep in my mind, you will want to snatch my thoughts away. Ok, ok..I’ll admit I’m a “worrier” more than I am a “warrior“. Guess you can see who wins this battle?! You’re right, NEVER me, “LetHerTellIt”. So, as I type this I realize it is now my time. Truth of the matter is, it has always been my time, I never trusted the process. Now that I’ve admitted to my transparency,  I’m ready to remove the veil. Sorta like the groom does right before the preacher says, “You may now kiss the bride.” 


Yeah, just like that. The veil is removed or lifted, then the kiss is planted to seal the deal on their wedding nuptials. Isn’t life grand?!

As you scurry through life for various reasons, the hands on the clock will strike the same twice each day. In every passing moment, time is elapsing more and more. Are you utilizing the tools of life to capture the true essence of the moment, on this day, in this time? Some batteries are irreplaceable do not allow your clock to stop without giving life your best shot. Your time does not have to be wasted. 


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