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You Will Thank Me Later


Knowing who, what, and why you are is key in life’s journey. Some figure it out, others don’t but understanding your true impact is necessary in your growth.  Earlier today I was holding a forum in regards to things that I will change in myself that I feel others take for granted. Yet again, I’ve realized that I’ve put WORK into becoming who I am today, plan to be tomorrow and forth going. Why must I allow others non appreciation of all things love, change how I continue to show it. Yeah there’s still work to do in this area, but I’ll give it an old college try if I know you can reciprocate it in the same fashion, if not better.  

In my lifetime, I’ve impacted many with my authenticity and or generosity. I have used a plethora of words of encouragement to assist those who has a yearning to be better or do better. There has been many accolades, so much so, that I’ve stood on many podiums congratulating myself for a job well done. The accolades has not come in the form of an Oscar, Tony, or even a Golden Globe rather by a mere “Thank You”. Thank you for being a friend,  thank you for listening,  thank you for always being honest, thank you for helping me and the thanks, literally, goes on and on.

I NEVER do things for any honorable mentions, because there were times I was in need of something that someone had or did and I genuinely said “THANK YOU”. Certain individuals have been so down trotten with life that they aren’t able to humble themselves to relinquish the pain long enough to give thanks. I know what I have given to some in whatever I have shared is priceless.  In the meantime,  I will not wait for you to decide how you want to acknowledge me. What I know for sure, you will thank me later. My impact on you is far greater than your words will ever say or your actions will show. This I know and you do as well. Amongst all the clamor of everyday bullshit, I’ll still have open arms, for you to thank me later.


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