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Honor Thy Word

Let’s take a journey back down memory lane why don’t we, sorta “Back To The Future” style….remember as a child asking your parent if they will take you to the park? Then they responded with, “Ok, we’ll go later.” As a child, you waited and waited, and waited to no avail for “later”(Am I the only one who experienced this as a child?). Can you place yourself in that child’s shoes for a moment and remember what that felt like when you were told something and your parent didn’t follow through? Disappointment right? Your expectations were not met, now envision that as an adult…


Ever been honest with an individual, yet everytime you spoke they stated or insinuated that you were lying? Especially when you know you were telling the truth.  How did you feel?  Not too good I bet.
Wanna know how one becomes a liar in the eye sight of the next?  Simple, by not doing what you say you’re going to do. Did you ever stop to take a gander and realize you are setting the tone to not be trustworthy, or for people to question your words and actions. Especially if you have stated you would do something,yet do the exact opposite,nothing. Have you ever stopped to re-evaluate your follow through? Did you follow up to explain the reason why you did not meet the expectation YOU may have set with said person? Communication is a necessity in any relationship. It’s the glue that brings people together, it’s the bridge that many can/will cross to mend differences.


It is the one commonality that all of us have, yet some rarely use. Lack of communication does all the aforementioned an injustice on any level.

I know we all have seen the meme that states, “if you don’t have expectations,  then there aren’t any disappointments.” How true is this statement?  Hog wash if you ask me. Why can’t you set expectations for people in your life? Not all expectations follow disappointment. Unless you live in a negative Nancy/Ned world such as this, if so I suggest a life evaluation. The expectations that we put on ourselves can very well apply to others. In a friendship, you will expect the said friend to be just as “friendly” as you are, right? In a relationship, you would expect your significant other to be as honest, respectful,  and committed as you, right? In business, you would expect for every individual to operate with dignity and integrity,  right? So again, tell me what’s wrong with expectations?


To often, as adults we operate out of the 5yr old phase of crossing our arms, poking our lips out and squinting our eyes when we’re mad. Think for a minute, how effective is this stance if no one knows the reason behind your tantrum? Not effective at all. Too many of us, myself included at times, walk around upset with people that may not be clear on why you are upset with them. Hell, some may not even care.  As I type this, I’m literally laughing because that’s the dumbest thing ever. If someone upsets you and/or did not meet an expectation, let these people know. Imagine the number of people walking around with a question mark saying, “I wonder what’s wrong with him/her?” You’re mad and the one you’re mad at doesn’t have a clue. Now how effective is that?! Effectively utilize the tool/resource that GOD has given you, your lips/mouth, and communicate (LetHerTellIt) your concerns.

You know, almost 90% of wars started, has begun by miscommunication.  It can all be so simple, communication, effective follow through, and expectations does not have to consist of warfare. All it takes is a person who’s willing to be considerate of the next and a person who is understanding, thusly creating communication matrimony.  Honor thy word so no one has to ever doubt or speak badly of you. Remember,  your word is your bond.


2 thoughts on “Honor Thy Word

  1. My mom used to always say, “Your word is your bond. If you don’t have your word, you don’t have anything.” Well said. Great post!

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