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36 Years, 1 Day and A Wake Up

I have been living thirty six years, one day and a wake up on this earth as of today. (Everyone say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LetHerTellIt) Days have been crossed off the calendar like a inmate waiting to be set free.


Matter of fact, the “one day and a wake up” metaphor is actually used by inmates to countdown their release from confinement. This is how I have begun to view my way of living as “one day and a wake up”. This symbolizes liberation, freedom,  and a new lease on life. Imagine being confined for years, unable to break free from bondage until your time has been satisfied as appointed by the judge upon your sentencing. 


Can you imagine this? I can, you know why? I have previously lived that life of bondage. My own  personal bondage within my mind of what I felt I could not do, because of a lack of preparation. Preparation of what it would look like if I was successful or a lack thereof.  Guess what? I’m out here living and shit, not fully in the way I would want but one less chain link than what I may have had beforehand. 

I have accepted that my “one day and a wake up” is meant to inspire others. Some in small ways, others on a much larger scale. Guess what? I’m prepared for whatever this may bring.  It has been stated that, “the rent you pay on earth is through serving others.” HE would have it no other way. So on my quest for liberation my “one day and a wakeup” would have meaning on a daily basis. Not because my feet touched the ground, but because I’m prepared to give freely with/from my heart. We are not guaranteed a “wakeup”, but while awake we are guaranteed a living, a life. What are you choosing to do with it? How will you impact others?

In my “one day and a wake up” I know that I have dreams that has not come into fruition as of yet. Dreams deferred yet never denied. I am beginning to live in such a way that when you look at me, you see a change, a positive change. I’m thankful for the ability to see each new day as such, a new day. What is done in this new day, solely depends on my vision of how I see each wakeup. Your “one day and a wakeup” should hold weight, not bondage, but positive weight. If you want to gain good weight and grow from the inside out, lift the weights of the world off of your shoulders and live. Live as if you are sentenced by the judge of the most high, and in this sentencing HE says reach back, reach across and reach up. When you reach back you’re helping your fellow man/woman. When reaching across you are sharing with you fellow man/woman. When reaching up you are asking for assistance from GOD.


Reach back, across, and up to grab onto whatever is needed to sustain you in your “one day and a wake up.” If you are dreaming while asleep or day dreaming while awake make it a reality and do not continue to to allow your dreams to be deferred.  There’s someone awaiting a reach back, across and up. Are you delaying yourself by denying what he has not denied you in your wake up? If so, break away from the bondage and do not let anyone or anything box you in. Until next time, “one day and a wakeup” later….LIVE!


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