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Commit To Be Sit…ing!

The wind down is real. Coming off of a busy week to finally land on a lazy Sunday feels so good. I never realized how much I enjoy just sitting and relaxing until now. These days my life is comprised of running, I mean running…Marion Jones style (still haven’t lost weight, but I digress).

Let’s see, I’ve had a chance to visit my local beach for the opening ceremony of the team USA basketball team. Great time, nice location, and a great atmosphere. 


Imagine a single woman amongst a slew of men, of whom shares the same sentiments of being an avid basketball lover, talk about great atmosphere and some fine men to boot. Sheesh…ok back to what I was saying, I had a chance to share the same space on the beach as a spectator of team USA. I must say I was over joyed to see Derrick Rose in all his fine glory and the spectators there were as well.

Moving on to the closing of the week and my experience at the Chicago Westside Music Fest. This has been my third year working with my current employer as a representative at this event and I was extremely proud of how well it turned out, yet another year. This event brought out people of all ages, and all walks of life for a nice enjoyable night. Also, it was without incident. Who says that you can’t have pure unadulterated fun in the inner city(Chicago) without incident? This event has proven, yet again that it is indeed possible.

The organizers of the event brought various companies that provided freebies to the spectators.  There was also great entertainment from various genres of music. We were also treated to a concert by R&B recording artists “Brownstone” and “112”. Talk about a great show! I was sold out, yet the concert was free. Lol. Listening to the two groups brought back quite a bit nostalgia from my teenage years. The era of great R&B music, bka THE 90’s! If you grew up during this time, then no further discussion is needed. Just great music, period.

Nicci Gilbert, Maxee Maxwell and Teisha Brown of “Brownstone” opened the show.


I was excited to see them together as I am aware of the dissolution of the group from years prior. I was taken back to the days of belting out tunes such as  “If You Love Me, and Grapevyne” in my bedroom my senior year of high school. (Did I just date myself? Nope! Them, I dated them, they’re old…er. lol!) These were great memories and they helped me bring them back to my remembrance.

The headliners of the night were former “Bad Boy” recording artists “112”.


Now, I can’t lie “112” had me in an R&B choke hold as they sang a few of their hits such as “You Already Know, Peaches & Cream, and Player” to name a few. Great to see them back together doing their thing. So overall, a great week, and great memories to be tucked away in my “Back To The Future” bottle, until next time that you allow me to LetHerTellIt. 


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