36 Years, 1 Day and A Wake Up


I have been living thirty six years, one day and a wake up on this earth as of today. (Everyone say HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY LetHerTellIt) Days have been crossed off the calendar like a inmate waiting to be set free.


Matter of fact, the “one day and a wake up” metaphor is actually used by inmates to countdown their release from confinement. This is how I have begun to view my way of living as “one day and a wake up”. This symbolizes liberation, freedom, and a new lease on life. Imagine being confined for years, unable to break free from bondage until your time has been satisfied as appointed by the judge upon your sentencing.


Can you imagine this? I can, you know why? I have previously lived that life of bondage. My own personal bondage within my mind of what I felt I could not do…

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