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“X’d Your Name Out Put Jigga On Top.” NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: “4:44”

“4:44” is LITERALLY Jay-Z taking us through his maturation from a boy to a man, from “Kill Jay-Z” to “Hello Carter” all while “Killing the #persona to building a “Legacy”. 

There’s a boatload of vulnerability engulfed throughout this album, especially the title track. Mr. Carter opened the window and allowed us to breeze through his subsistence. Guess what? I’m thankful for an earful.  We may have never seen this side of the self proclaimed “BUSINESS MAN.” I peeped it. LOVED IT! #JayZ #444 a classic via my eargasm, that I’ve experienced on this night. Thank you for putting the real in rap.  Check out a short overview of each track below. If you get a chance to listen, let me know your thoughts. #RealRapRaw


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